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After accidentally stumbling through a circle of mushrooms in a nearby forest these young Dragonlings fell into the world of the fairies.  Little did they know that the seemingly simple ring of fungus was anything but simple! They romped through this new mystical land, causing all sorts of mischief and mayhem. Running this way and that they gleefully chased the fairies all over their homeland, giggling as they romped. They had so much fun they decided that Fairyland would be their secret place to run and play. Ever since that day, it is upon the border of Dragondom and Faeryland that the baby dragons go to frolic.

Much to the dismay of the fairies!


About the Artist: Carla Morrow  

Back in 2008 I was just starting to create art professionally. At the time I was creating dragons for products and to sell at shows. Shows were picking up, so I decided to try my hand at licensing. I contacted several companies and shared the artwork that I had finished not no one was interested. Not a single bite.

You see, at the time, fairies were ALL the rage and companies who made products were trying to jump on the fairy craze and crank out as many fairy based products as they could. My work was not fairy, but they told me they would take any fairy art I made.

I tried. I tried REALLY HARD to make some fairy art. I'm just not a fairy kinda girl. I was pretty upset about the whole experience and was venting to a coworker about it when the joke came up about making a dragon with a fairy in its mouth. The idea struck like lightning. I had the image perfectly in my head. I went home that night and started drawing. That night Boo was born.

Like a child playing with bugs who doesn't know that they can play too hard, I wanted to keep the twisted innocence in the baby dragon. 

I had a show a week later and took him to show and take preorders. I had tons of pre orders for him and decided to create a whole world where dragons don't know what fairies are.

     Carla Morrow is a fantasy artist specializing in painting True Dragons and capturing their energies on paper. Through Light, Color, and Energy Carla Morrow of DragonLady Art channels the energies of Dragons that dance at the boundaries of our perceptions and brings them to the light so that others may experience and enjoy them. She has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember, and has always been interested in the worlds and creatures that occupy other dimensions. Since childhood Carla was perfectly happy to sit alone for hours and draw, talking to the various creatures that would chose to keep her company. Carla is an artist taught more by seeking her own mentors as opposed to a school environment and moved from acrylic painting and marker work to watercolor in 2005. She is the illustrator of the Dragon Oracle Deck from Hay House, creator/illustrator of the Enchanted Blossoms Oracle Deck from Blue Angel Publishing, and is currently working on a third Dragon Guide Oracle deck slated for publication from Blue Angel Publishing. With hundreds of dragon connections in her past, she is now opening up to sharing more of their powerful messages with the world.  She currently resides in the cool mountains of southern New Mexico with her infinitely patient husband, and 2 rescue mutts, Hopper and Libby. When not painting she is usually reading fantasy novels, researching, or collecting crystals.