Teal Baby Dragon Princess Plush

Type: Plush
Bring your favorite Little Wings Dragon character from the page and into OUR WORLD with this adorable baby dragon plush! This dragonling is ready for any adventure from Storming the Castle to a Merry Unbirthday Tea Party! At 11 inches tall and made from the softest minky fabrics, it is the perfect size for exploring and hugging. What about when its gets a bit dirty while climbing mountains and exploring caves? With a short nap Minky fabric just wipe it down with a soft damp cloth and it's ready to take off once again.
This dragon will watch over you as you sleep, and be your BFF when awake.  Who says dragons have to be fierce and mean? This adorable baby dragon plush is anything but! Designed by Carla Morrow and based on the Little Wings Dragons™
  • Measures approximately: L: 11" x W: 11" x H: 12 1/2" Perfect hugging size!
  • Made of Quality Polyester Minky fabric. Super soft, and very comfortable to hold and love.
  • Wonderful for all ages from infants & toddlers to adults ages 2 to 102!
  • Suitable for your playmate and perfect for fantasy and dragon bedroom decoration. This baby dragon will be the perfect friend and companion to share all your secrets with and to bring along on all your epic adventures! It will be by your best friend through thick and thin!